Young Wellington start-up SEA is making a splash in the New Zealand search engine optimisation game according to local industry reporters.

Those of you that know what SEO in New Zealand is all about would understand that is more than critical to your online performance as traffic online equates to people coming to your website and potentially spending money.


One bunch of young entrepreneurs in the infamous Biz Dojo space are rocking the boat with what one would lend be being a little unconventional internet marketing strategy that’s based on video production and content marketing.

Nev R1151024_10151624076401309_264622396_nodda is the head behind the strategy and designs strategies based on the clients industry according to how the market perceives them. If the client for instance is in the fishing industry, one effective strategy would be to create content and marketing around fishing products and teaching their customers ‘how to fish’.

That way, the relationship between client and brand is one built on trust and value. “Its sort of like when we are kids and you meet a stranger”. We do not trust them and we have to learn to build trust with them before we want to be friends with them.

If you would like to know more about SEA and their internet marketing strategy, then head over to




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