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With regards to small business website promoting, having a great website is the best marketing strategy.  Here are the ways you can make an engaging website that speaks for your brand.

Keep the design simple.

Consider the impression you need to make and the message you need to impart to your clients and potential clients. The trick is not to overload your homepage, which can be diverting and confusing for clients. Keep it to close to 120 words of content.

Here is a perfect sample from Fuelled – business funding in NZ website page.


Showcase your products and services

Ensure that your homepage shows your products or service. Most companies include photographs and videos to showcase what they can offer.

See this example from Fuelled – the business loans site


Check for your website load times

Ensure that you review your site’s efficiency regularly by checking load times, site speed, content format and coherence with the content and pictures.

Organize your website

Remember that when your visitors visit your site, they’re normally searching for particular data. A very much organized site that presents data in a methodical and sorted out way will be significantly more effective than one that seems riotous or that is not intuitively arranged.

Here is a sample screenshot from Fuelled – a finance company in NZ website


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